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Doomed Turkey In Palin Video Sold On Ebay

800. If you hadnt heard, adhere to 3. Britney Spear chewed bubble gum: $ 500. 3 million viewers of the transmission of YouTube-execution. In case you missed it, GOP VP candidate and governor Sarah Palin Alaska, while interviewed by a local TV station following a silly-Thanksgiving turkey pardon tradition, he had to talk over the terrified gobbles a different Turkey meeting its raison unhappy debris. Famous turkey denied a pardon by Sarah Palin: $ 225. Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich: $ 28,000. NFC Championship hot dog: $ 1.
15.12.08 11:03

Julia Roberts Former Bodyguard Reveals Her Showerless Ways

Last year Green Oprah episode, the actress revealed that she does not wear deodorant, saying it is not his thing. Now, a former bodyguard is backing up that assertion with some more information: Julia is a total hippie. Shell to go days without a shower. He loves the smell of its natural oils.. Said his former bodyguard, wrote the Times of the Internet. We already know Julia Robert is all over the au natural scenery when it comes to body odor.
15.12.08 11:03

New On Dvd Quot The Dark Knight Quot Colbert And More

Back story: While most of the Knight is in Panavision, its frequent scenes shot in IMAX have a different aspect (or width / height), report. So far, many haven t origine presentation mentality d go back and forth, but the whiplash effect pushes me up the wall. Plot-point repetition grows wearying, especially on repeat visits, so that the result is lower than the second coming was its advocates proclaim noisy. Christian Bale but still the best Batman, the late Heath Ledger Joker is off the charts, and if you want to see this (and there are many) as the Bush-era remarks, the better.
15.12.08 11:03

Pussycat Dolls To Give The Queen Sexy Lingerie

The Sassy felines have launched their own line of lingerie, in conjunction with La Senzaand now want to do something unique forHer Highnes. Wyatt said Kimerly more magazine, the first band mate Melody Thornton added: [A] to hear his sexy. Girl group, which were recently confirmed as the support act for Spears North American dates in March and April, they want singIm A Slave 4 Uand Oops I Did It Again next to star. I am so excited to be touring with Britney! I think we do a great match, the Pussycat Doll and Britney Spear. Pussycat Doll are planning to give Queen Saucy a Christmas gift - some sexy lingerie. Pussycat Doll revealed that they hope to join Britney Spear on stage next year. We as a new clan and can be a lot for one man to handle, said Melody. During the interview, the girls also revealed that the Pussycat Doll rarely get any male attention. When asked if a duet live is likely to happen, Kimberly DS Wyatt said: I hope so! I m sure that we need to have a lot of tricks up our sleeves when we go on tour and hopefully that will be one of them. We re going to do something special for you. The U.S. I think that will be a great spectacle.
15.12.08 11:03

Critics Quot Choice Awards Taps Brangelina As Nominees

The power couple are also two nominations for best actor and actress awards. They are the other competing candidates, as Kate Beckinsale, Cate Blanchett, Sean Penn Mickey Rourke And Clint Eastwood. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie go head to head at the 14th annual Critics Choice Awards as their film, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttonand Changeling respectively, vie for best film.
15.12.08 11:04


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